Erotic Flushed Cheek, Volume 1: Sensual Meditation, Korean Bathhouse Audiobook

Narrated By FlushedCheeks

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Length: 14 min.

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Scenario presents Erotic Flushed Cheek, Volume 1: Sensual Meditation, Korean Bathhouse audiobook in a downloadable format. This book was written by FlushedCheeks and narrated by FlushedCheeks.

This version of Erotic Flushed Cheek, Volume 1 audiobook is published in an abridged format. An abridged audiobook is summary version narration of the written book.

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Rating 55 Points 74 Points 74%
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FlushedCheeks features sensual, evocative and alluring audio stories for the private listening pleasure of women. They are different because they are written for women in that they tap into the cerebral part of the female mind - that part that lets your mind travel, imagine and explore the sensual side. The anonymous narrators  have been specially selected and are professional actors with voices so sexy you will feel them move and tingle your body.

This is your time. Turn off your phone, shut the door. Let your pleasure begin.

Volume 1 begins with a sensual instructive meditation narrated by a sexy female which will relax you, take you away and leave your body at the brink of orgasm. It's then time to move onto the next scenario where a girlfriend gives you a day pass to the Korean bathhouse. It's your first time but soon enough you realise how beautiful and sexy another woman can be and all your inhibitions drop to the floor.

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