Dark Star (Unabridged) Audiobook

Narrated By George Guidall

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Length: 17 hours and 49 min.

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Recorded Books presents Dark Star audiobook in a downloadable format. This book was written by Alan Furst and narrated by George Guidall.

This version of Dark Star audiobook is published in an unabridged format. That means that this is complete narration of the written book.

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Rating 76 Points 74 Points 102%
Price $23.45 $18 130%
Minutes 620 355 175%

Reviews and Tweets

from Vale, NC said on Goodreads:

A great piece of historical fiction that takes place on the eve of World War II, it looks at the dirty, questionably useful work and even more useless individual sacrifice fit into the larger frame of the European conflict.

from 11364, Bolivia said on Goodreads:

If you want to get the feeling of what it was like to live in the years of the early 30s into WW II, and the terror of the rise of Hitler, this is the book. Furst writes a terrific spy novel based on sound historical research. Even the minor characters linger for days after you put the book away.

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Tweets About This Title

On Thursday, January 16, 2014, @majkia tweeted:

majkia 5 of 5 stars to Dark Star by Alan Furst http://t.co/dcJjicgpnN

On Wednesday, December 25, 2013, @huskers716 tweeted:

huskers716 5 of 5 stars to Dark Star by Alan Furst http://t.co/dNzUMFnzFb

On Wednesday, November 27, 2013, @josephstokesbar tweeted:

josephstokesbar ..curly hair, a screen siren's long lashes, and omniscient eyes lit by a brisk, cheerful hatred. From Alan Furst's DARK STAR (a novel).

On Thursday, November 29, 2012, @osakaian tweeted:

osakaian Alan Furst in "Dark Star"; " being funny was easily the most difficult trick of all in a foreign language... What did this man mean?"


Acclaimed author Alan Furst has written several historical fiction novels. In Dark Star, Andre Szara, a Polish journalist who becomes a spy for the Soviet Union in the late 1930s, is ordered to complete many tasks of espionage in Paris. Through Szara's character, the beginnings of World War II are revealed. George Guidall's gripping narration complements this suspenseful tale.

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