Code Orange (Unabridged) Audiobook

Narrated By Jeremy Beck

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Length: 4 hours and 51 min.

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Audible, Inc. presents Code Orange audiobook in a downloadable format. This book was written by Caroline B. Cooney and narrated by Jeremy Beck.

This version of Code Orange audiobook is published in an unabridged format. That means that this is complete narration of the written book.

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Rating 72 Points 74 Points 98%
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On Friday, December 20, 2013, @lizcarey17 tweeted:

lizcarey17 reading caroline b. cooney's book, code orange. #OutbreakWeek

On Wednesday, December 19, 2012, @ladyinaradiator tweeted:

ladyinaradiator 3 of 5 stars to Code Orange by Caroline B. Cooney


Walking around New York City was what Mitty Blake did best. He loved the city, and even after 9/11, he always felt safe. Mitty was a carefree guy - he didnt worry about terrorists or blackouts or grades or anything, which is why he was late getting started on his Advanced Bio report. Mitty does feel a little pressure to hand something in. If he doesnt, he'll be switched out of Advanced Bio, which would be unfortunate since Olivia's in Advanced Bio. So he considers it good luck when he finds some old medical books in his familys weekend house that focus on something he could write about. But when he discovers an old envelope with two scabs in one of the books, the report is no longer about the's about life and death. His own.

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