Cat in a White Tie and Tails: A Midnight Louie Mystery, Book 24 (Unabridged) Audiobook

Narrated By Cris Dukehart

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Length: 11 hours and 27 minutes

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Dreamscape Media, LLC presents Cat in a White Tie and Tails: A Midnight Louie Mystery, Book 24 audiobook in a downloadable format. This book was written by Carole Nelson Douglas and narrated by Cris Dukehart.

This version of Cat in a White Tie and Tails audiobook is published in an unabridged format. That means that this is complete narration of the written book.

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Rating 74 Points 74 Points 100%
Price $34.99 $18 194%
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Rating 76 Points 74 Points 103%
Price $27.43 $18 152%
Minutes 633 355 178%

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Midnight Louie goes along when PR whiz Temple Barr and her fiancé, rising media star Matt Devine, head to Chicago so she can meet his family. Matt's mother has a tragic past primed to rise and bite anybody in reach. When Louie is snatched, the catnapping's surprising motive loops back to Vegas and a string of unsolved murders connected to magic...and ex-magician Max Kinsella, Temple's former significant other.

A skeptical homicide lieutenant has commissioned Max to investigate the cold case murder she suspects he committed. With traumatic amnesia from a recent attempt on his life, the once infallible Max is more sitting duck than predator. It will take an alliance of frenemies to solve the serial deaths before one of them joins the fatality list.

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